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This is the death of summer nights [02 Sep 2006|07:49pm]


Joel (of black rice, joel and the last of the neighbors)
Andy Dixon (secret mommy, winning, red light sting, epidemic, d.b.s)
Cris Derksen (e.s.l. and many more)
Prince of Wails (todd from the winks)
Gutstrings (tyr from the winks)
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All Ages Winks Show [19 Feb 2005|12:57am]


*Paul Patko drums for the Winks.
*Andy Dixon is Secret Mommy.
That's half of D.B.S right there.
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[12 Aug 2004|08:42pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Sunday August 29.
Mesa Luna. (vancouver)

The Red Light Sting's last show.

Be there for the matinee!

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Queer As Fuck [11 Aug 2004|10:55pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hey I just started this queer community: queercancore. It's based in Canada but for queer/queer supporting people ANYWHERE into hardcore/screamo/emo/punk. The topics aren't limited as in it doesn't have to be queer related or solely queer bands, it's just for queer people in the scene to discuss anything.

Spread the word motherfuckers.

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[15 Jun 2004|04:28pm]

i have d.b.s.'s last show at the seylynn hall live on cd.

so suck it.
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[12 May 2004|10:50am]

these guyz totally rock.... i agree spread the d.b.s. word !
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wow [20 Apr 2004|04:05pm]

more people need to know about dbs.
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[09 Mar 2004|03:42am]

i'm sure everyone in vancouver knows this, but on march 15th secret mommy will be playing at the or gallery as part of the brave new waves 20th anniversary show. if only i could be so lucky as to live in that area.

on a recent trip to toronto i lucked out and managed to find if the music's loud enough and forget everything you know, meaning the only d.b.s. albums i'm lacking are tales from the crib, if life were a result we'd all be dead, tales from the crib and north america sucks. i don't suppose anyone knows where i can find these, or would be willing to pick them up for me if i sent a money order along?
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[16 Dec 2003|10:07pm]

[ mood | content ]

Now, I know d.b.s. had a music video for the song SNOWBALL. I also vaguely remember seeing a video for the song NO ROOM.

Can anyone confirm this NO ROOM sighting? I only saw it once, and then, never again.

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[04 Dec 2003|09:40pm]

black rice played. saw Jesse tonight. i love that guy way too much.

i told him to play "Snowball" and after the show he told me if i ever said that agin he'd curb stomp my ass.
like i said, i love Jesse
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d.b.s. + Melissa = True Love Forever [20 Apr 2003|12:07am]

[ mood | calm ]

I've been listening to d.b.s. for 5 sweet sweet hours...if that's not stayin true, i don't know what is.

Actually i haven't really listened to them for probably a year because i totally over-listened to them and could barely stand them eventually (i am currently hanging my head in shame). But man, TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN! I love when that happens. Ooooh the sweet sweet high school memories. I have been feeling so depressed lately...it's amazing how therapeutic music can be. d.b.s. has rejuvenated me.

They are back on my list of all-time fave bands. I forgot how fucking sensational If Life Were A Result, We'd All Be Dead is.

That is all.

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Aviator : June - March EP available now. [22 Mar 2003|11:27pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

HEy everybody. My band AVIATOR just finished recording and putting together our self release EP. Check a sample tune out at mp3.com/aviator and then email me at <a href="mailto:forwhatreaons@hotmail.com>forwhatreasons@hotmail.com</a> we've been likend to bands such as d.b.s. (some boys/forget..), moneen, sharks keep moving and q and not u. So check it out and let me know. Its only 5 bucks, thanks! - Ken

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the color of violence [19 Sep 2002|06:46am]

download and LISTEN to this band and go to their shows when they're on tour. suckers.

xo, allison ryan.
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d.b.s. = super raddddd. [11 Sep 2002|04:51pm]

hello everybody, i'm jaime and i'm new here. i'm from vernon, bc. anyways i was bored and looking for some vancouver bands and listening to the sound samples on their sites. then i came across this band "operation makeout". then i browsed thru the photos of the band and i recognized JESSE! D.B.S. jesse! anyways i'm super glad that he is still performing music. i saw d.b.s. a few times in kelowna. i miss them lots :[ i hope i can make it to the operation makeout show tomorrow night.

anyways does anyone have any bands they recommend for me to give a listen to? i would love it. :]
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[02 Sep 2002|04:01am]

[ mood | impressed ]

I am SO glad that this community exists. I seriously thought that I was on the only d.b.s. fan left.

I first picked up i is for insignificant without having heard any of their songs, and fell in love right away. Turns out one of my friends was very close to Justin Sane of Anti-Flag and had the North America Sucks CD, so I listened to that for ages too. When the band came through my town a few summers ago I talked to Andy for a bit but was super shy... I wrote him a letter though, about how "Homophobia Is A Crime..." was my saving grace for ages. Being a queer punk in my town is an oxymoron.


Tonight I've been listening to i is for insignificant and Some Boys Got It... nonstop. They're the only two recordings I have. If anyone would be so generous to tape me any of their other stuff I would be forever grateful. I can do trades of mixtapes or send blank tapes... I can also send cash if you're in Canada.

Thanks to whoever created this community.


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The (mother fuckin) Red Light Sting [09 Aug 2002|09:57pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Last nite i saw The Red Light Sting for the first time and they rocked my grandma's dentures off. Before going i'd only heard one song by them... but on the ride there, my friend put in a cd of theirs, which was enjoyable. They were SO much better live though. They sounded quite a bit different, probably because the vocals weren't very loud. So that was my first personal encounter with ex-d.b.s members...Paul was looking Jesus-esque and Andy is probably the skinniest guy i've ever seen in my life. My friend also said that Andy smelled like he hadn't bathed in days haha right on! Unfortunately there was a poor turn-out at the show, but people missed out cause it was well worth it. For anyone who hasn't heard of Femme Fatale, i highly recommend checking them out - "Technical Screamo Hardcore Rock on Ache Records". They dedicated their set to Timmy, the "midget" from Passions who died recently...hilarious.(not his death, but the dedication) Also, Kill Mannequin - "Bradfords finest hardcore experience" - http://kmannequin.tripod.com They're a 7-person band...crazy times.

The End.

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hey! [09 Jul 2002|08:18pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

If you guys liked the later d.b.s. stuff (which you all should!) Check out my new band AVIATOR (www.aviatormusic.cjb.net) and check it out. WE only have a sample of our tunes in the Flash intro, but the full song should be up soon! Thanks!

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[06 Jul 2002|01:50pm]

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COME TO MY SHOW [09 Jun 2002|05:04pm]


The Red Light Sting (Vancouver)
Femme Fatale (Toronto)
Oh No The Modulator (Toronto)

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[10 Apr 2002|03:50am]

How many of you have heard the Red Light Sting?

They are fucking amazing. Blow my mind.

I ordered their split LP with Hot Hot Heat and their brand new EP-CD.
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